Fee Structure

Description of fee / month School Section
Tuition Fee 8000
Sport Fee 1000
Boarding Service 5000
Medical Fund 500
Laundry Charges 1000
Messing Charges 5000
Electricity Charges 1000
Total 21500

Additional Charges at the time of Admission

Description of fee Amount
Admission Fee 16000
Security (Condition Apply) 11000
Maintenance Charges (PerAnnum) 23000
Total 50000

Payment of Fee

Description Amount
1st Term (April to June) 64500
2nd Term (July to Sep) 64500
3rd Term (Oct to Dec) 64500
Annual Term (Jan to March) 64500

Payment of dues

Payment of dues should be made through bank deposit
Dues date of fee:      5th of first month of every term
Expiry date of fee:     20th of first month of every term
If the dues are not fully cleared
after the expiry date of above mentioned period, the name
of the cadet shall be struck off form the college.